The Remote Work Revolution

Even before the COVID-19 crisis forced the world to embrace the convenience, affordability, and life-affirming concept of remote work, forward-thinking and innovative organizations throughout the world were shifting their focus to work from home job flexibility.

For employees, the opportunity to embrace a more holistic and satisfying approach to life/work balance, as well as the tremendous convenience of working from home has become one of the single most sought-after benefits.For employers, allowing employees to work from home has helped drastically reduce overhead and boost revenues in a way previously thought impossible.The notion that quality work could only be done in the soulless confines of a concrete office building has become antiquated – and the whole world has finally taken notice.

Today, what started as a temporary shift to remote working scenarios for many employers and employees has transformed into a new remote work revolution – and the world will never be the same.Even before the global pandemic, the universal understanding of work standards were changing, leading to a happier, more productive, and more affordable workforce.

Welcome to the Remote Work Revolution.We’re just getting started.